Green Development Standards

Last updated on April 23, 2022

A Waterloo Region resource for people who care about:

  • the climate emergency
  • building sustainable communities
  • minimizing carbon emissions
  • protecting groundwater and farmland

We must change how we develop, and re-develop, our communities in order to become carbon-neutral.

We need Green Development Standards! Green Development Standards set guidelines and targets that go beyond the minimums set by Official Plans and the Ontario Building Code. They set the targets we must meet to fight climate change.

We want Waterloo Region to join Clarington, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto, Vaughan, Whitby,  and other Ontario communities in passing Green Development Standards.

Our local politicians can do this as “the Municipal Act allows municipalities to pass environmental protection and conservation by-laws. It also allows municipalities to participate in long-term energy planning for energy use in their community.” [3]

    Please see: Introduction.pdf